Why Photosprout? Many years in the music industry have given me a unique perspective on pursuing a profession in the arts. I have been taking photographs since I could pick up a camera, and have been working in the digital format since 1995. Photography allows me to not only create art, but to create custom art that is intensely personal to - and cherished by - the recipient.

Why online? Convenience and security. You have the choice of an open or password-protected URL to access your custom proofs online for convenient print previewing.

Photosprout's goal is to give you the best of both worlds - the classic look of film and the flair of digital; gorgeous prints and accessible online images.

Why CD? Because a CD stores all of your "negatives" conveniently so you can go back years from now and order more prints, or even print them yourself!

Why digital? Professional digital photography is here to stay! My method is to fine-tune high resolution digital images to closely mimic the personality of film, and then let loose using all the exciting tools of the digital darkroom. Retouching is a fantastic world unto itself.

But this is all simply the means to an end: my artistic goals are, of course, to give you pictures that you will love today and that will be treasured in the future.

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