Your Personal Gallery

After your session, I will make your proofs available to you as soon as is reasonably possible while still ensuring the highest quality work - usually within one to two weeks. I will then email you the URL for your personal gallery. At that time, you may opt for additional work such as sepia toned or black and white conversions, or composites of individual shots within a family group so that the most flattering picture of each person is combined into one shot, for instance. You may also be interested in a digital art piece created from one or more photos.

Because of the sensitive nature of some pregnancy poses you might be interested in capturing, such as partially nude poses, you have the option of a password-protected online proofs page for no extra charge, or a standard online proofs page. Please let me know during the session which option you would prefer.

A few helpful (?) words about aspect ratio and print ordering:

The aspect ratio of most SLR cameras is 3:4. That means that when you order a size 8x10 enlargement, some of the longer end has to be chopped off, resulting in a look that is wider than the original photograph - it is similar to a movie in letterbox format being "modified to fit your tv screen." A 4x6 print preserves the original aspect ratio, as does a 6x9 or an 8x12. You should keep this in mind when deciding on enlargements to print and how they correspond with your available framing options.